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  1. Tips on how to store bangles

    how to store gold & diamond jewelry blog
    Every woman fancies a great bangle collection that comes handy when she wants to get ready in no time! The key is to organize your bangle wardrobe in a way that it’s not that tough to pick a bangle to wear with a certain outfit. The Jewelry Scoop Edit presents tips on various categories of bangles to own and organize. 
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  2. What is jewelry styling?

    video blog on what is jewelry styling

    Jewelry Scoop with Jagruti season 3 begins with a fresh new dose of fashion and jewelry ideas. Get up close and personal with our jewelry stylist and fashion editor, Jagruti Bansal as she gives you the ins and outs of what a jewelry stylist does and why it's important to have one.

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  3. Tips to shop fine jewelry online

    Fine jewelry Online shopping tips blog

    In episode #24 of the video blog Jewelry Scoop with Jagruti, our editor gives you tips on what to look for when buying fine jewelry online. She takes you behind the scenes at the Raj Jewels showroom and covers all the important elements to analyze when shopping from jewelers online in USA. Also, meet the Managing Director, Bobby Bansal and the team at Raj Jewels that works towards delivering quality products and 5 star service to make your in-store and online shopping experience satisfactory.

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  4. Best Diwali Gifts 2016

    diwali gifts blog

    Diwali is the season of blingy lights, auspicious ceremonies, colorful decorations, rangoli and scrumptious sweets; it is the biggest gifting and shopping festival of the year. Get ready to welcome this festival once again as you start preparing your shopping list ideas. Check out these top trending gifts for your dear ones, curated by our editor.

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  5. The eternal Mangalsutra

    In the Western, when you say, “I do”, you exchange rings while in the Indian culture, a scared necklace is put on the bride by the groom, on the wedding day, solemnizing the marriage. This necklace made of black beads and gold, is termed as Mangaslutra. The word 'mangalsutra' is derived from the two words, mangal meaning holy or auspicious and sutra meaning thread. Thereafter, the wife wears the mangalsutra all her life or till the time the husband is alive as a sign of their marriage, mutual love and goodwill, understanding and faithful commitment to one another.

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  6. All about the 22k gold effects

    What is 22k gold?

    22 karat is the purest form of gold in the form of jewelry; when we say 22kt or 22k Gold Jewelry we mean that 22 parts of the jewelry, is gold and the balance 2 parts are some other metal(s) or equal to 91.3 percent gold plus 8.6 percent of some other metal alloy.

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