Desi Bridesmaid Jewelry

Presenting a curated collection of Desi bridesmaid jewelry designs in 22k gold, precious gemstones & diamonds for the Indian wedding festivities. From the most stylish guest to the sister of the bride to her BFF, we have you covered to add the finishing touches to your Glam Look.
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  1. 22k Diamond Emerald Uncut Diamond Ring
    Emerald Uncut Diamond Ring
    was $1,152.00 Special Price $563.00

    Weight: 3.2 gms

    SKU: UR985

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  2. 22k Gold Navranta Floral Ring
    Navranta Floral Ring
    was $2,505.00 Special Price $1,051.00

    Weight: 6.9 gms

    SKU: UR029

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  3. 22k Diamond Oval Diamond Gems Necklace
    Oval Diamond Gems Necklace
    was $12,306.00 Special Price $4,607.00

    Weight: 33.4 gms

    SKU: US777

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  4. 22k Diamond Precious Gems Dangles Necklace
    Precious Gems Dangles Necklace
    was $22,571.00 Special Price $8,622.00

    Weight: 61.3 gms

    SKU: US311

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  5. 22k Diamond Dangle Diamond Gems Necklace
    Dangle Diamond Gems Necklace
    was $11,448.00 Special Price $4,649.00

    Weight: 29.6 gms

    SKU: US089

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  6. 22k Diamond Blue Drop Diamond Necklace
    Blue Drop Diamond Necklace
    was $11,271.00 Special Price $4,759.00

    Weight: 27.5 gms

    SKU: US197

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  7. 22k Diamond Blue Sunflower Diamond Necklace
    Blue Sunflower Diamond Necklace
    was $14,865.00 Special Price $6,461.00

    Weight: 37.0 gms

    SKU: US441

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  8. 22k Diamond Pear Cluster Diamond Necklace
    Pear Cluster Diamond Necklace
    was $16,236.00 Special Price $6,967.00

    Weight: 39.9 gms

    SKU: US882

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  9. 22k Gold Russian Ruby Bolo Bracelet
    Russian Ruby Bolo Bracelet
    was $4,287.00 Special Price $1,717.00

    Weight: 12.5 gms

    SKU: UBR897-CO

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  10. Antique Beaded Collar Necklace

    Weight: 39.0 gms

    SKU: GS1988

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  11. Antique Leaf Collar Necklace

    Weight: 58.5 gms

    SKU: GS7068

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  12. Polki Collar Necklace Set

    Weight: 50.5 gms

    SKU: GS1113

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  13. Collar Style Polki Necklace

    Weight: 50.2 gms

    SKU: GS9866

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  14. Trisha Polki Pendant Necklace

    Weight: 30.3 gms

    SKU: GS3440

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  15. Antique Polki Pearl Necklace

    Weight: 22.7 gms

    SKU: GS1488

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  16. Polki Pearl Necklace Set

    Weight: 38.7 gms

    SKU: GS3284

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  17. Polki V Collar Necklace

    Weight: 43.8 gms

    SKU: GS7683

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  18. Polki Paisley Chandbali Necklace

    Weight: 53.3 gms

    SKU: GS6095

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  19. Elegant Polki Necklace

    Weight: 41.6 gms

    SKU: GS6625

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  20. Traditional Chandbali Polki Necklace

    Weight: 65.7 gms

    SKU: GS6626

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  21. Chand Bali Polki Necklace

    Weight: 47.3 gms

    SKU: GS5053

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  22. Baguette Diamonds Collar Necklace

    Weight: 29.3 gms

    SKU: DNS421

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  23. Oceana Diamond Necklace

    Weight: 31.5 gms

    SKU: DNS469

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  24. 3-Step Chandbali Jhumka

    Weight: 21.8 gms

    SKU: GER7800

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  25. Cz Emerald Gold Chandbali

    Weight: 15.8 gms

    SKU: GER1293

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  26. Layered Chandbali Jhumka

    Weight: 26.8 gms

    SKU: GER6874

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  27. 3-Step Chandbali Dangle Earrings

    Weight: 14.6 gms

    SKU: GER3348

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  28. Polki Gems Gold Chandbali

    Weight: 20.3 gms

    SKU: GER7285

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  29. Emerald Diamond Necklace

    Weight: 28.3 gms

    SKU: DNS934

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  30. 2-Layers Diamond Necklace

    Weight: 29.2 gms

    SKU: DNS531-CO

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