Sapphire Birthstone Jewelry

Explore the exquisite collection of Blue Sapphire birthstone jewelry designs in 22k gold and 18k gold, including unique luxe styles combined with diamonds.
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  1. Sapphire Flores Necklace Set

    Weight: 46.8 gms

    SKU: GS3613

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  2. Sapphire Cluster Gold Ring

    Weight: 3.4 gms

    SKU: GR19501

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  3. Diamond Sapphire Octagon Ring

    Weight: 6.8 gms

    SKU: DR28168

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  4. Oval Sapphire Pendant Set

    Weight: 6.1 gms

    SKU: GPS23620

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  5. Oval Sapphire Diamond Ring

    Weight: 7.4 gms

    SKU: DR1801

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  6. Designer Blue Sapphire Bangles

    Weight: 47.7 gms

    SKU: GB11282

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  7. Sapphire Gemstone Bangles

    Weight: 49.1 gms

    SKU: GB4940

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  8. Petunia Sapphire Ring

    Weight: 3.1 gms

    SKU: GR1330

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  9. Sapphire Ram Parivar Ring

    Weight: 8.2 gms

    SKU: GR14629

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  10. 18k Diamond Flora Diamond Reversible Ring
    Flora Diamond Reversible Ring
    was $1,722.00 Special Price $1,033.00

    Weight: 6.7 gms

    SKU: DR1705

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  11. 18k Diamond Lavish Reversible Diamond Ring
    Lavish Reversible Diamond Ring
    was $2,946.00 Special Price $1,768.00

    Weight: 5.5 gms

    SKU: DR6688

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  12. 18k Diamond Diamond Designer Necklace Set
    Diamond Designer Necklace Set
    was $8,538.00 Special Price $5,806.00

    Weight: 26.0 gms

    SKU: DNS14176-NC

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  13. 18k Diamond Diamond Gemstones Mangalsutra
    Diamond Gemstones Mangalsutra
    was $6,354.00 Special Price $4,575.00

    Weight: 15.2 gms

    SKU: DMS8696-NC

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  14. Pearl Diamond Gems Pendant Set

    Weight: 5.9 gms

    SKU: DNS18793

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  15. 18k Diamond 2-in-1 Diamond Mango Mala
    2-in-1 Diamond Mango Mala
    was $99,639.00 Special Price $59,783.00

    Weight: 262.6 gms

    SKU: DNSLA13474-NC

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  16. 18k Diamond Divine Diamond Gems Necklace
    Divine Diamond Gems Necklace
    was $37,317.00 Special Price $22,390.00

    Weight: 98.7 gms

    SKU: DNS6897-NC

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