Eternal and Modern Mangalsutra

Eternal and Modern Mangalsutra

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One of her super skills is reinventing the wheel of culture. Outfits or jewelry, she always hits the sweet spot between her Indian roots and ultra-modern silhouettes. Meet today's American Indian woman who takes pride in achieving this fine balance, even while wearing the sacred symbol of her marriage - the mangalsutra! Styled by the Jewelry Scoop team, these inspiring multitasking ladies make a statement with a very global, worldly version of the mangalsutra, just like their own self.

Everyday Glam Mangalsutra

modern mangalsutra designs

Shilpa Chouhan is based out of Jersey City, New Jersey; she loves styling her everyday jeans or trousers with ultra-sleek mangalsutra and sometimes she even layers it without it looking too much! She carries this magic flower pendant mangalsutra with effortless elegance everyday, from work to weekends. Always on the go, she prefers jewelry designs that blend with her active lifestyle.

Her style brief was: Florals, Petite, Avante Garde.

Diverse Halo on neck or hand

22k gold baby bangle
Aparna Vasudevan, a Technology Executive & also co-leads a women’s leadership group in the New York & New Jersey area for a large fintech firm. She shines in this trio halo pendant mangalsuta with her pristine white evening dress while heading to a friend's backyard party. She loves wearing this piece with her workwear suits or formal dresses. Romantic at heart, Aparna loves to create feminine looks that have a dash of the desi vibe.

Her style brief was: Minimal, classic, lightweight.

Mangalsutra bracelet- the new symbol of togetherness

diamond mangalsutra bracelet
Just because the American desi women have more than one avatar, we have a new-age mangalsutra design for every multitasker! Aparna, who is also a practicing artist, prefers to wear this trendy mangalsutra bracelet while she paints and visits NYC art galleries. 

Her style brief was: No-fuss, travel-friendly, artsy.

Chunky, long & yet so contemporary

long modern 22k mangalsutra design
Jagruti Bansal adorns this long chunky 22k two-tone balls & black beads mangalsutra with her solid black color blazer suit and cardigans. She not only leads our e-commerce & styling team but is also our Blog editor. She likes to keep her style etiquette solidly chic and yet adapt to her multiple roles that she plays. Her personality exudes a combination of a Boss lady & a fashionista, at the same time staying close to her roots at heart.

Her style pick was: Trendy gold, detailed, long & chunky but not over the top.

Join the style wagon of these phenomenal women, scour from over a hundred modern designer magalsutras to find your perfect American desi style. Need styling assistance? Reach out to our styling team for a personalized video call session.

Photography by: @Natzphotogallery

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