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  1. Wedding Bands Video Blog

    wedding rings video blog

    In this edition of the video blog "Jewelry Scoop with Jagruti", our editor talks about classic and fashionable designs of wedding bands for him & her. Explore the video blog as she introduces you to the most popular designs of gold and diamond wedding bands.

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  2. Engagement ring trends 2016

    engagement ring trends 2016

    Wedding season is here and the wedding day jewelry shopping starts with the engagement ring. The diamond solitaire ring is highly purchased this time of the year, but how do you choose the right one? Besides the cut, color and quality of the stone, there are so many design options that couples have to consider, Our editor presents the top engagement ring styles that are trending in 2016, based on industry popularity.

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  3. Wedding bands: The Groom's Personality Match & Buying Tips

    The most exciting yet challenging task as you approach your wedding day is to find a wedding band that a man would like and even love to wear forever. Our editor gives you tips on making this life-changing selection as she reveals the different characters of men and matches it with the appropriate style of wedding rings.

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  4. Say "I do" with a Gemstone Ring

    Every woman wants it and every man wants to gift it to the woman of her life. As trends change, women have a new best friend; it's colorful and it's a gem that is now a popular pick as a precious stone. We caught up with New Jersey based restaurateur Shaun Mehtani, who wanted to make a sparkling fashion statement when he decided to propose to his then girl friend Maria Nateva. The 31-year-old Mehtani, recalls that moment when he was preparing to make the big leap of faith.

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