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This Valentine's Day add more than one color in your celebration of love. Nothing defines romance as these luscious, intense gemstones. On Jewelry scoop with Jagruti, I will reveal special gemstones that signify a deep connection with feelings of love. And will also add a spark to your date night or cocktail evening.

Electric Pink Ruby

pink ruby jewelry designs
Ruby is the popular gemstone that represents passion, love and deep connection in a relationship. Embrace the electric pink look with stunning rubies and powder blush-on.

Blue Sapphire

Reflect sophistication with these tempting blue sapphires accentuated by a matte blue winged eye-liner. Blue sapphire is the gemstone of loyalty and commitment, commonly used in engagement rings. Dare to wear this new shade of valentine and get admired for it.

blue sapphire gemstones jewelry

blue sapphire gemstones ring and earrings

Green Emerald

emerald gemstones jewelry

Wear the shocking green emerald for valentine’s day and turn into a trend-setter. This green gemstone symbolizes compassion and universal love and adds meaning to a romantic relationship.

emerald gemstones jewelry design

Red Ruby

The vibrant red rubies have been the traditional top pick for a valentines look. A symbol of eternity and strength, it has become a top gemstone for engagement rings. Turn up the heat with a velvet finish lip color.

red ruby jewelry designs

So flaunt these vibrant valentine looks and do share the color that defines your romance. Until we meet next time with more jewelry styling tips, stay connected for our upcoming bridal special.

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