Raj Jewels honors a rare musical child prodigy

Raj Jewels honors a rare musical child prodigy

April 15 2015: Raj Jewels Bansal Group, an avid supporter of the South Asian community, welcomed the extraordinary Sparsh Shah in the retail showroom. The very brave and talented 11-year-old young boy visited the store after being invited by the owner Bobby Bansal during a live broadcast in January of this year on Radio Zindagi. This is the same show where Bobby is regularly featured as a guest, announcing the gold rate of the day.

Sparsh Shah was born with a rare bone disorder  Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which has caused him several fractures throughout his years. Despite the medical challenges he has endured, Sparsh did not give-up and excelled in his passion for music. During his visit he light-heartedly shared with the staff members at Raj Jewels on how as a toddler he would correct his mother on singing in the right pitch and tone.

Sparsh entertained the staff and on looking customers as he sang several meaningful Bollywood songs such as Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin and Satyam Shivam Sundaram. His zest for music was very contagious which touched the Raj Jewels family immensely. As a token of appreciation, honoring his visit to the store, Bobby gifted Sparsh with a 24 karat gold Lord Ganesh statue along with an extended invitation to the store. He promised a return visit, humorously stating that he would be back when he is old enough to buy an engagement ring from Raj Jewels.

A special thanks to Sparsh, his family and the Radio Zindagi network for bringing him to Raj Jewels and a big salute to his commendable spirit.

Bobby Bansal gets emotional as he hugs Sparsh.

Radio Zindagi's Usha along with Sparsh, his parents and the Raj Jewels family.

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