Raj Jewels celebrates Mother's Day

Raj Jewels celebrates Mother's Day

Raj Jewels Bansal Group salutes Maa and Guru Maa on this Mother's Day. We launched a new commercial campaign to honor these remarkable women.

The highlight of the commercial is the legendary Bollywood actress and phenomenal Kathak dancer, Archana Joglekar.

She is a guru maa for many young girls, who teaches that, "If you decide we can do it together".

She is the inspiration of spirit and conviction.

She is the divine Guru Maa. With folded hands we thank you Guru Maa for your outstanding devotion.

The essential message of this campaign is the power of motherhood that can make anything possible. She is a mountain of strength that can fight with any obstacle in her child's life. She is a sea of belief that dedicates every minute of her life to fulfill her child's desire. Raj Jewels Bansal Group pays a special tribute to every mom. For all that we are and we ever hope to be, we are thanks to our mother.

This touching campaign was officially launched on May 11th on YouTube and across major Tv networks.

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